Stealth Shelf

Claim Back the Bench Space your Microwave Stole
with the Safe, Space Saving Microwave Stealth Shelf

Why a Stealth Shelf?


Gives a safe, heat-resistant bench directly in front of your microwave.

Provides you with a safe, heat-resistant bench directly in front of your microwave.

Reduces the risk of spills, scalds and breakages which can happen when removing hot dishes from the microwave.

The units have a fitting at the back so they can be fixed down to the bench if needed. The Stealth Shelf now has a fully extending shelf with soft-close runners.

Gives your kitchen extra valuable bench space

The pull-out Shelf has runners that will support 30 kilograms, which means the Stealth Shelf can handle anything you dish up.

The new Stealth Shelf now comes with round-formed edges and a smooth recessed handle; whereby having attractive smooth modern lines which also make cleaning this as easy as can be.

When the extra shelf space is no longer needed; then it simply disappears.

Stealth Shelf
Stealth Shelf

More Stealth Shelf features:

    • Suitable for use either on the bench, on a shelf or in an alcove above your wall oven.
    • Available in Five Colour Finishes and Two Sizes, suitable for all Microwave Ovens:
      • Now in a Designer White, a New Antique White, a Woodgrain finish, a Midnight Black and a Stainless Steel look finish.
    • Dimensions: The larger size units are 598 mm wide and the smaller units are 560 mm wide.
    • All units are 448 mm front to back and they stand at 66mm high.
    • Now with Quality Full Extension Soft Close Runners with a retainer.
    • Moisture resistant, ideal for use in kitchens, Pantry, Caravans, Boats, Office & Commercial Settings.
    • With Quality hand finished construction.
    • Supplied fully assembled and ready to use.
    • Purchase Direct from the Manfacturer and save on the middle man.
    • On-Line Order with Delivery straight to your door.

Stealth; The shelf you only see when you need it.


Gives you a choice of colours and sizes.

The Designer White (Size Model numbers MSS 598 DW and MSS 560 DW) co-ordinates with White Microwaves or Kitchens.

The Midnight Black (Size Model numbers MSS 598 MB and MSS 560 MB) co-ordinates with Black fronted Microwaves or Dark Kitchen benchtops.

The Wood Grain look finish (Size Model numbers MSS 598 WG and MSS 560 WG) co-ordinates with Kitchen timbers like Baltic Pine, American Golden Oak, Blackwood, Meranti, Nyatoh, Cherry and Teak.

The New Antique White (Size Model numbers MSS 598 NAW and MSS 560 NAW) co-ordinates with Cream Microwaves and Kitchens.

The Stainless Steel look finish (Size Model numbers MSS 598 SS and MSS 560 SS) co-ordinates with Stainless Steel Microwaves, Appliances and contemporary Kitchens.

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